Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PMQG Kona Cotton Charms Challenge

At the Philly Modern Quilt Guild we decided to host a challenge for May using Robert Kauffman Kona Cotton Solids charm packs.  The Kona Cotton Solids are a dream for quilters because there are SO MANY colors available!  Several other modern quilt guilds around the country have already conducted similar challenges and each one had a different spin. For our group, we decided to allow only prints to be added to the charm pack - so no additional solids. We chose the "brights" version of the charm pack and I quickly started agonizing over what to make!

So, as it turned out, I came up with an idea I was really excited about, but in order to do it properly, I needed two charm squares of each color ... As it turned out, I actually had two identical charm packs for the challenge, so I decided to cheat and use two rather than the one pack we were given. Technically, I guess that means I added solids ... But at least they were the same ones we already had to use! Haha.

The pattern I ended up using was a slightly modified version of Julie's Flying in Formation pattern, which I had seen months ago and really liked. Rather than use all solids as Julie had, I used striped fabrics for the "goose" part of each block. I was inspired by all the stripes Rita had been using over on Red Pepper Quilts (especially THIS one), so i went over to Whimsie Dots' Etsy shop and bought a fat quarter bundle of reclaimed striped bed sheets! The colors and varying stripes were so much fun, I just had to use them in this quilt.

So, without further ado, here is a photo of the finished product:


The colors aren't coming out that well in this photo - I think my iPhone was not happy with all the confusing stripes.  Below is a closeup of a section of the front so you can see some of my favorite stripes better.


For the back I used this adorable Japanese fabric and I pieced in the rest of the charm squares I hadn't used.


And because the pattern I based this on was called "Flying in Formation", I'll show you a closeup of the "Engrish" text on the back, which relates back to flying:



  1. I love all of it!! I didn't get to see those frogs up close though, they are so fantastically cute!

  2. Love it! The shirt stripe patterns are awesome.

  3. Love it! I can't believe all the stripes are bed sheets! Didn't notice the "Engrish" last night - too funny!

  4. I really love this! Its my favorite one of yours so far.

  5. Loving stripes AND solids at the moment. This is perfect. Perfectly gorgeous.

  6. It came out awesome! I love the brightness of the solids with the stripes.

  7. This is great! I absolutely love it. Something about flying geese that always gets me...

  8. This is a fabulous quilt ; you did a great job !

  9. Awesome quilt, babes!!! I love it.