Friday, August 12, 2011


This is just a quick blog post to tell you about something I am very excited about.  A new great website for quilters and fabric crafters called

The site is still in development, but when it is finished is will be a one-stop site for sewing, fabric crafting, and quilting.  It combines shopping, browsing, learning, friendship, and community all in one.  Best of all, it is FREE to join and you can sign up now even though they are still working on it!

Websites like this are a great asset to the craft, but it takes a lot to put it all together.  The team is made up of only two women and they can really use our help.  SeamedUP is currently running a fundraising campaign to keep the site up while they work on it.  Doing this allows them to test it and get feedback from members. But to continue to do this, they need money to upgrade their servers.

The link below will take you to their Indie GoGo fundraising campaign.  Please take the time to visit it, watch the video and read their mission.  

There are many ways you can support this project.  You can donate money, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, blog about it, add their button to your website, blog or email, leave a comment on the fundraising page, and add it to your Indie GoGo favorites.  I hope you choose to do all of these, but I am asking you to do at least one thing for me - tell people about the Site!

The more people that know about this great idea, the better the chance we will have to use it.

Share it!  Together we can make SeamedUP Happen!

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  1. Great Post - I Love SeamedUP!!! Thank you so much for sharing this, we truly appreciate it.