Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Fabric Friday: 01/21/2011

So I'm introducing another new blog topic - Fun Fabric Friday!  There's so much great fabric out there and I thought maybe I could tell you guys what new fabrics I'm loving or looking forward to.  Today I want to highlight Cloud9 fabrics.  My post from Wednesday showed a project I'm working on using one of their lines, but they have two new collections coming out soon: "Nature Walk" and "Cut Out and Keep."  I especially love the patterns in the "Cut Out and Keep" line.  Check out the one called Hydrangea:
[image credit: Cloud9 Fabrics]

I see myself using this fabric quite a bit this year.  I think the fabrics are perfect for baby quilts because of the softness.  Apparently the "Nature Walk" line is going to be more affordable because it will have a lower thread count.  I'm interested to see what the pricing will be and what the fabrics will feel like. 

What fabrics are you most looking forward to this month?

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