Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid-Week Sneak Peek: 01/19/2011

Hi, everyone!  I thought I should add a feature to the blog to help motivate me.  One idea I came up with was a mid-week sneak peek.  Basically, I'll show you one of my projects in progress.  I'll try to post each week but sometimes I go several weeks without much progress, so there won't be much to show.  This week I'm trying to finish a quilt for my nephew's first birthday.  I didn't have a chance to make a baby quilt before he was born, so I thought maybe I could play catchup and make a little one for his birthday.  This is only about 40 inches square, but it can be like a little security blanket he can carry around if he wants.  It's made using Cloud9's My Happy Nursery line - it's organic cotton and it's awesome (high thread count and super soft).  I'm backing it with a great blue and white polka dot flannel fabric that will be uber soft for him.  Can't wait to finish it up and give it to him.

Mid Week Sneak Peek: 2011/01/19

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