Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Fabric Friday: 02/04/2011

For today's Fun Fabric Friday, I'm going to feature a local (Philly) designer - Jay McCarroll.  I fell in love with Jay's fabrics the first time I saw the Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends lines at Spool in Philly.  I actually never watched Jay on Project Runway when it was on, so I was first introduced to him through his fabric.  I met him a couple times at Spool and he's just such a fun guy - lots of creativity and energy.  Jay's new line, called Habitat, is a bit of a departure for him.  It's less quirky and "cute" and more mature, deeper, I think.  Spool already has the fabrics in stock, so head on over and pick up a yard (or twenty!).  Below are some photos of the fabric from Spool's Flickr stream:

Habitat by Jay McCarroll

Habitat by Jay McCarroll

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