Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quilt for Cole's 1-Year Birthday

Because I wasn't quilting when our nephew, Cole, was born, I wasn't able to make him a baby quilt.  However, I decided that a quilt might make a good first birthday present.  I fell in love with the "My Happy Nursery" fabric from Cloud9, which I discovered at Spool, and I decided to use that for Cole's quilt.  If you haven't touched this fabric, you really must!  It has such a nice feel to it - I understand it's because of the high thread count.  As a bonus, this fabric is also organic, which means it is super-safe for Cole!  I decided to use a pretty simple pattern that they made over at Spool and I think it turned out quite nice.  See the photos below.  I decided to back the quilt with a blue flannel with white polka dots.  The flannel makes the quilt nice and soft on the back - perfect for cuddling.
Photo of the Quilt Top.

Collage of photos of the quilt.

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